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The center aims to promote the common development of academic research in the field of tourism informatization in China, support tourism public information services, promote the upgrading of traditional tourism industry, and cultivate tourism informatization professionals. As the first collaborative innovation platform of tourism big data in China, the big data platform integrating multi-party tourism information and resources, open to domestic and international and industry, effectively responds to the policy guidance of "smart tourism" of National Tourism Administration, and speeds up the transformation and upgrading of China's tourism industry.

Huang xiankai, vice president of Beijing Union University and Dean of the school of tourism, said: "the school of tourism of Beijing Union University has always taken serving the development of national tourism as its own responsibility, and hopes to give full play to the role of a bridge connecting the government and industry. In the period of rapid transformation and upgrading of domestic tourism industry, grasping the opportunities given by big data and promoting the development of tourism education and Industry Based on big data has become the core proposition of Tourism College in recent years. As one of the larger tourism colleges in China, the Tourism College of Beijing Union University has a profound foundation in the field of tourism information research and talent training.

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