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PP marketing: a hot marketing method in 2014

 With the advent of the mobile Internet era and the wide application of mobile devices, APP applications grow rapidly with smart phones, and become a huge force to subvert the original industry model. Nowadays, app has sprung up in various industries, forming a variety of classified services to meet the needs of enterprise mobile applications and personal mobile applications, including learning and office, game entertainment, practical life, financial shopping, online communities, personalized applications, etc.

What does it take to run a business? The hard conditions are business place, registered capital and business license. The soft requirements are products, staff and regulations. In the Internet era, enterprises need an official website. In the mobile Internet era, enterprises need an exclusive app. Why mobile app? This may be the voice of more questions.

The entry threshold of mobile terminals is not so high, which also determines that no enterprise can not make customized apps. However, based on the fact that the current enterprise app is generally the function of advertising channel, the enterprise should pay attention to the difference between it and the traditional advertising channel, and make a good complement and integration between them, especially give full play to its characteristics that it is not limited by time and space, suitable for rapid and accurate communication of simplified information, and do not equate it with hard and wide.

In the development stage of enterprise app, in addition to the common display of enterprise information, enterprise services, cases, projects, product functions and other basic contents, if you want to attract the downloaders to open and use them for many times, you must fully integrate the features of mobile terminals, especially the convenient features of mobile Internet that develop intelligent devices. For users, it's either fun or useful. It's of great value for enterprises to make customized apps that fully mobilize users' interests.

For enterprises, APP application can serve customers in an all-round way. It is not only a new entry for businesses and consumers online, but also a new tool for traditional offline enterprises with or without it gene to interact with consumers, promote brands, operate and manage enterprises. The development of mobile app began to focus on enterprise level mobile applications, gradually changing the management and lifestyle of managers, so that managers can enjoy more and more wonderful management time.

Enterprise level mobile applications can help enterprises expand the recruitment channels of members. Enterprises can carry out precise marketing for customers through app mobile application, so that more users can directly enjoy the convenient and intimate experience of enterprise products and services brought by the mobile end, so that users can actively become members of enterprises and help enterprises to make referrals, so that users have higher stickiness, greatly reducing the cost of developing new customers and maintaining old customers.

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