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HY34 Hydraulic Press for Molding Automotive Interior Part

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1. This series of hydraulic press has two kinds of structures: frame or four-

column structure. 8 The fuselage adopts finite element analysis and computer

optimized structure deslgn. The whole machine has good rigldity and convenlent

installation and odjustment. The frame type hydraulic press adopts four-corner and

eight-sided adjustable guide rails for guiding. The utilty model has the advantages

of high precision, strong anti-offset capabiliy and good precision retention.

2, the use of advanced electro-hydraulic control system, fast up and down

capacity to reach 500mm 1 s, pressurized piston accumulator, built-in speed,

performance, stable. using a new generation of closed-loop proportional control

technology. digital display And setting position, pressure and speed.

3, unitied configuration of straight-in fiber extruder, glass fiber length is evenly

adjustable, and no other secondary turnover process, less chance of dust pollution.

4. The hydraulic machine is equipped with safety carpet, safety light curtain,

self-locking device for stopping. top dead center locking mechanism, and good

safety pertormance.

5. The hydraulic pump station is located on the malntenance platform at the

top of the hydraulic machine, centrallzed maintenance, surrounded by protective

plates for protection, and the appearance is beautiful. The main vibration part of the

pipeline is sottly connected and easy to replace, which can greatly reduce the

replacement time,


Aplicable fields: This series of hydraulic press adopts a new generation of

closed-loop proportional control technology. which is a special proprietary design

for the automotive interior parts industry, especially suitable for hot press forming

and trimming of automotive intertior parts.



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