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Y71K Composite LFT and GMT Hydraulic Press

Y71K Composite LFT and GMT Hydraulic Press




1. Hydraullc press is with two structures: Frame and Four column. It is with good

strength, easy adlustment! The frame type hydrauic press adopts the four-corner

and eight-sided adjustable guide rails tor guiding, and has the advantages of nigh

precision, strong anti-offset capability and good precision retention.

2.Adopts advanced electrical-hydraulic servo control systemt A new

generation of closed-loop proportional control technology that digitally displays

and sets position, pressure and speed, and is sensitive, rellable and leak-free.

3.Equlpped with Slemens or Talwan touch. screen! It shows technical

specifications and operating screen.

4.Provide multiple mold temperature measurement points (can be set

according to customer requirements), and display on the touch screen, making it

easier for users to carefully observe and control the mold temperature.

5.The hydraulic pump station is located on the maintenance platform at the

top of the hydraulic machine, centralized maintenance. surrounded by protective

plates for protection, and beautiful appearance. The main vlbration part of the

plpeline is softly connected and easy to replace, which can greatly reduce the

replacement time.


This series of hydraulic press adopts a new generation of closed-loop

proportional control technology. The speed, pressure, position, pre . pressing and

pressing process can be adjusted and controlled arbitrarily. It is equipped with a

proprietary stralght-in fiber extruder, especlally suitable for LFT-D. Thermoplastic

molding process. This series of hydraulic presses is now widely used in: modern large-

scale industrial production industries such as auto parts and equipment.

Such as car front frame, dashboard skeleton, anti-collision beam, bottom

guard, spare tire bin, seat frame, battery box and so on.



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