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Y76 Refractory Hydraulic Press

Y76 Refractory Hydraulic Press




1. This series adopts frame or four-column structure, and the fuselage

structure adopts computer optimization design. The whole machine has high

precision and long-term precision retention.

2, using servo motor combined with the pumping mode of the

quantitative pump, closed-loop proportional control technology. digital

display and set position, pressure and speed, the overall energy saving effect

is significant, energy saving more than 30% than the common configuration,

noise reduction of 10~ 30 decibels.

3. The automatic feeding system can be configured according to

customer's requirements. The feeding system has fast feeding speed, uniform

and accurate feeding, and reliable fabric.

4. After adopting key technologies such as two-way pressurization and

floating static pressure forming, the quality of products is further improved.

5. With industrial touch screen and communication transmission

module, it can realize uniform production control of machine room, product

process monitoring and statistics, etc.


Using a new generation of servo control technology, the speed,

pressure, position, preloading and pressing process of the hydraulic machine

can be adjusted and controlled arbitrarily. It is especially suitable for high-

quality press forming process of varlous powder materials, effectively

ensuring the size of the products. Precision and density uniformity.



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